Something is looming within the castle's walls

will you look for it?




Welcome, welcome to the second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! And our second Winter Magical Readathon! The set up of our next adventure is fairly simple:

- On certain dates throughout December a new Magical Chapter will be opened (see dates below)

- Read the little scenarios and pick your response wisely! What you pick might influence your path in later chapters!

- You can of course peruse what other paths were available after you finish a chapter but I urge you to stick to your initial choices for the prompts!


- At some point in your journey you will be given a reading prompt to complete! It is up to you if you want to go through the whole Magical Chapter to see if you'll get more prompts or if you want to read the prompt before moving on.

- You are advised to complete the prompts from the previous chapter in order to start the next Magical Chapter, HOWEVER please do not stress if you do not finish the required reading before the next Magical Chapter appears - you can go at your own pace

- In each Magical Chapter you will get a minimum of 1 and maximum of 2-3 prompts, depending on your choices! If you are lucky, you might finish the adventure with as little as 5 prompts or you might get all 12!

- There will be a little Magical Christmas Giveaway in Chapter 4!

- Our goal is to save Ginny!

- 'Book' refers to any literary work that counts on goodreads! So when you get a prompt, know that it can be applied to comics, mangas etc.

- Because it's the end of the year, if you come across a prompt at any point that would fit a book you already started in November/October, feel free to pick it back up and continue! Ie, you don't have to start the book from the beginning, you can continue with your current reads.

Will you join me on this quest?


Your choices












Chapters open on Sundays, 1pm Hogwarts local time (UK): 

Chapter 1 - 1st of December

Chapter 2 -  8th of December

Chapter 3 - 15th of December

Chapter 4 - 22nd of December

Chapter 5 - 29th of December

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