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The Magical Readathon was born out of love for both the magical universe J. K. Rowling has created and the love of reading. It was summer of 2018, I was sat at my work desk at the university I worked for at the time, seeing overly stressed students rush about manically preparing for their exams. I felt all sorts of nostalgic for my own exams and even though I probably wouldn't want to go back to that, it got me thinking, I wonder if there are groups of students sat by The Great Lake by Hogwarts, feeding magical creatures and chatting in a  slightly sleep deprived manner with one another in between their revision sessions. 

I wanted that. 

I did not know if anybody would like to join or would instantly cast me out of the booktube community as that "a little bit over the top crazy girl". And so I announced it and was met with so many amazing like minded readers! And the rest is history, I guess! 

The closest I could get to this was with your help, mentally traveling to Hogwarts and siting those damned O.W.L.s & N.E.W.T.s exams together, chatting nonsense in between! 


So  what IS the Magical Readathon?

It might seem complicated at the start but at the core we:

   The Magical Readathon has two main events: the Ordinary Wizarding Level exams and the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests, these are the two main exams students sit at Hogwarts. This readathon is designed to mimic these exams in a fun, reading based manner! O.W.L.s exams happen during the full month of April, whilst N.E.W.T.s happen in August. 

At O.W.L.s level, there will be 12 reading prompts for each magical subject, such as Charms and Transfiguration. Similarly to actual school, you can only continue at N.E.W.T.s level for the subjects you have passed at O.W.L.s level, however it's made more challenging by having three pass marks for each subject (same marks as they are in the books: Acceptable, Exceeded Expectations and Outstanding). However, do not be intimidated as it is entirely up to you for how many subjects/books you want to pass! 


   In 2019, 2nd year of the readathon, Wizarding Career's guide has been added. It is a collection of post-Hogwarts career paths that young witches and wizards could possibly pursue and what are the presumable requirements for each. The guide has quite a few career choices for you, whether you want to be a Magizoologist, Broom Maker or Ministry Worker - the guide will let you know what exams are recommended for this route! It's to give some more structure and fun to the journey! It has options for all readers, whether fast or slow! The careers selection is optional!


   As the readathon happens annually, they are now loosely themed for the accompanying book in the series (in 2019, it's the 2nd one - Chamber of secrets) so there might be shorter side readathons that are not related to the main two exam months! 


   Every year there are free printables for your reading prompts, Wizarding Career Guide and Graduation Certificates!



There are no sign up sheets here, anyone and everyone is welcome to join! 

   Every year there are announcement videos on my channel for every round of the readathon that we do! All the details will first appear there, check out the readathons by year below! 

Check out FAQ here!


There are 12 subjects at Hogwarts. Each magical subject has 1 reading prompt. If you fulfil the prompt - you pass that subject.


You continue your education in the subjects you passed at O.W.L.s level. At N.E.W.T.s there are 3 reading prompts within each subject for 3 pass grades.