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Wooo! Newly made new Quidditch gloves! No curse will be able to shake you off your broom with these babies! They have an amazingly improved grip, protective spells, and a secret snack compartment! Solid choice!

Since you spent your allocated "treat" galeons, you make sure to shop smart according to your Hogwarts letter for what you'll need for your 2nd year, which oddly includes a whole set of books by someone named Gilderoy Lockhart.

You pay for a room at the Leaky Cauldron and settle in for the night, Hedwig is back and perching at the foot of the bed. 

It was a good day. You're finally going back to Hogwarts!



You have completed Chapter 1! Enjoy your stay at the Leaky Cauldron until Chapter 2 becomes available, and if you're still keen on the adventure we will see you once Chapter 2 opens! If it's already open, head back to the Winter Magical Readathon home page to continue!