Magical Readathon Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to sign up anywhere?

No! Anyone and everyone is welcomed! You can just start at home and make your own plan for the magical exams that suits you! but we'd love to chat with you so make sure to hop on Twitter if you're comfortable @magicalreadth

Are the prompts the same each time?

No! The prompts will change every year to give us some variety. 


Are rereads allowed?

Absolutely. Especially of the Harry Potter books hehe!


Can I carry on reading a book I’ve already started?

Unless specified as one of our special prompts all reads must be started and finished within the readathon time frame.


Can I read one book for multiple prompts?

Unfortunately not, it’s one exam per book.


Can I pick more than 1 career?

Only 1 career should be selected per year, however there's no limit to how many extra seminars/trainings you can add which are included at the end of the Guidebook! :) 


Where can I find the Wizarding Careers Guidebook?

All additional documents, such as the invitation letter (with reading prompts) and the careers guidebook will always be linked in the description section of the announcement video on my Youtube channel (Book Roast). They are absolutely free to download and enjoy!

I missed the O.W.Ls can I still participate in N.E.W.Ts 


I can do the O.W.Ls but not N.E.W.Ts can I still take part?


If you have missed the O.W.L.s this year you can still participate in the N.E.W.T.s and treat them as practice. 

You can also chose to only do O.W.L.s if you prefer to keep it simple - it’s all just for fun! 

What people often do as well, if they miss the actual readathon months, they sit the O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s on their own time and often find magical buddies on our twitter to brave the readathon together. 


How are the N.E.W.Ts different from the O.W.Ls?

The N.E.W.Ts are a step up from the O.W.Ls. You may be required to read multiple books per subject to achieve a specific grade.

In O.W.Ls there are a total of 12 prompts.

In N.E.W.Ts there are a total of 36 prompts.

What is the House Cup? How does it work?

The House Cup runs alongside the O.W.Ls and the N.E.W.Ts. At the end of the readathon the house with the most points will be declared the House champion just like in the books. 

The event will be hosted from our twitter @magicalreadthn.


The specifics of the house cup might change yearly and will be explained on Twitter.

How does Quidditch work?

This takes place on twitter @magicalreadthn.


Two houses compete at one time.


Each house takes it in turn to answer Harry Potter Trivia and score points.

The first response is taken, if it's correct a goal is scored, if it's wrong your team misses.

At random intervals a bludger moment will occur, this means both teams can answer the question. First team to answer correctly, disrupts the other team with the bludger and gets two chances to score.


The Snitch may appear randomly. Both teams can answer the question when it does. If the question is wrong, the game continues. If it's correct the game stops and the team that catches the snitch gets 150 points.