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Dobby falls to the floor, sobbing even more, grateful and relieved by your lie. He is convinced that you wont be stepping foot into Hogwarts this year. After some reassurance, he gathers himself, bows low and with a click of his fingers, vanishes. Just in time too, as uncle Dursley barges into your room to shush you, punctuating his speech with some of his usual threats. All you can focus on is the wriggling of that horrid caterpillar moustache though, the damn thing is distracting.

Thankfully, the rest of the night goes smoothly, you read through all the letters that Dobby has admitted to intercepting from your friends and you cannot wait to get back to Hogwarts! You will figure out what to say to Dobby if you do see him again, but you try not to feel too guilty for lying... It's not working super well, but you try. 

Because you still cannot write back to your friends (bloody Dursleys keeping Hedwig in a cage!) the rest of the summer is quite meek. You manage to convince the Dursleys to drive you to London on the 31st of August where you can enter Diagon Alley and stay until it's time to board the Hogwarts Express, hopefully you can spot your friends there! Funny, as in exchange for the Dursleys driving you to London they asked that you stay at Hogwarts during Christmas break, or for the rest of your life, as if you would ever voluntarily go back - hah!


Finally, you step through the secret entrance to Diagon Alley! You've been waiting for so many months to get even a whiff of magic, it comes as such a relief to be surrounded by the frantic rush of witches and wizards. First things first, you let Hedwig out of her cage so she can finally stretch her wings, and after you share an understanding look of "yay, freedom!" she flies away. 

What do you do next?


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