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a sorting hat?

'Dobby, why?'

'I don't know sir, it just felt right' he shrinks. 'I just let elves magic guide me.'

You clutch the hat to your chest as you lean back, your shoulders at the door. 

Suddenly the hat feels much heavier. You open your eyes and try to see what's inside. You reach in and feel a cold metal hilt. Is that what you think it is? You've seen it only briefly in Dumbledore's office. You pull it out of the hat and your eyes go wide - it's the Sword of Gryffindor! By no means are you a swordsman but it's better than nothing. Right?

You run further in the tunnel as you hear the door give way, you close your eyes and hear a distant pop as Dobby apparates himself on top of the basilisk's head. What is he doing??

Basilisk starts to try and shake him off, a more difficult task that it might seem, giving you the opportunity to try and pierce through him. You half stumble, half fall, your eyes closed again, just letting your fear turn into rage. You feel your sword sinking into something. 

Please don't let it be Dobby.

There's a significant silence. After a moment, noticing that you have not indeed been eaten yet, you open your eyes. The basilisk is unmoving and Dobby is anting and clutching his sides - unharmed. 

You have no idea how you just survived this but you're not going to question it. You make your way back to Ginny, who is still unconscious. 

'Well then, I seem to have underestimated you. Most annoying, but fear not, once I gained my powers back fully, and once this girl's body gives in, which wont be long now, then I'll...' he's cut off by Dobby who's just popped into view above an old Tom Riddle's Diary.

'Not if Dobby can help it.. sir.' and he stabs the diary with, what looks like, a basilisk fang. 

Voldemort releases an angry scream but fades away before he can say anything else.

You're too stunned to say anything but Dobby shrugs and repeats 'Elves know a lot, sir, the wizards just never ask' 

Ginny wakes!


Ask Dobby

to get you three

back to the Castle