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You run back to the door you came from, desperately trying to think of something you could do. 

'Please please, someone help me.' a couple of tears run down your dirty cheek. 

Suddenly, you hear the most beautiful, delicate bird song. Carefully, you open your eyes and spot a little red dot in the distance. 

It's Fawkes! 

Not sure how this would help, but so relieved to have someone else by your side, you extend your hand expecting it to land nearby but it flies past you and from the shadow on the wall you can see that it attacked the basilisk, blinding it! 

The creature shrieks, the sound shattering a couple of statues. You grab one of the fallen pieces and throw it at it. 

What am I doing? I have a wand.

The massive snake focuses on you again, hearing your steps, enraged by the recent attack.

Of all the spells you know, only one escapes your lips. 


Your reading prompt!

Read a book that's shorter than the one you finished before!