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You allow yourself 10 minutes of pure panic and pacing and then you gather yourself.

Okay think, think...

What can you do?

What do you know?

Malfoy doesn't seem to have much to do with this, contrary to what he'd like everyone to believe. 

Because of this Chamber of Secrets, a house elf named Dobby has tried to kill you.

The Chamber has been opened before. 

The teachers don't seem to have any clue as to where it might be located. 


Dobby. Dobby must know more than he lets on! Would he come if you called?

'D...Dobby? Are you here?'

With a dull pop, a familiar skinny figure covered by a burlap pillow case appears. 

'Dobby please, can you help me? Please tell me if you know anything that can help!' You feel rather desperate.

In Chapter 1, did you make a false promise to Dobby that you will not be returning to Hogwarts?


No, I did not tell

him that.


Yes, I felt like

I had to!