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You knock Ron's wand out of his hand, he looks at you a bit confused ('What you playing at?') but you'll explain it to him later. Maybe you'll remind him of that time he tried to transfigure his rat into a goblet during your last Transfiguration class, but his wand wasn't quite listening to him. 

Wood and the twins have been shouting so loudly at Malfoy that Professor McGonagall has appeared as if out of thin air. After hearing what happened she took 15 points from Malfoy and 5 from you all for "causing a scene instead of dealing with it rationally".

At the end, you had to call it a day as Slytherins took to the field, and go back to the dorms. In order to cheer both Ron and Hermione you suggested to play some chess (for Ron) and chat about how your homework is going (for Hermione) until it's dinner time.

You're starving!


Make your way to the

Great Hall for