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You are made to sleep for maybe 2-3 days, who's counting, at the hospital wing before you're allowed to even think about going back to your dorm. You have many visitors; a grateful Ginny and Mr and Mrs Weasley, Ron & Hermione, and Dumbledore. The Headmaster, after prefacing that it was extremely risky and perhaps not the brightest of ideas to go on a rescue mission, tells you that you showed unsurmountable amount of courage, loyalty and love that night. He awards you 100 House Points, although winks at you and asks you not to boast about it to too many friends ;) He also informs you that Dobby was set free by a fanciful trick of Dumbledore's but he doesn't specify what exactly that trick was. You're just happy to hear that Dobby can finally be free of his awful masters.

Soon it seems like most of the school has heard of your adventures, and whilst more attention wasn't what you wanted, at least this time it's not driven by fear or speculation of you being some evil heir. You get a few apologies from fellow students, and most smile and nod appreciatively when you pass, even those who don't normally like you that much seem thankful that due to your efforts Hogwarts will be there to welcome them home next year. 

You, Ron and Hermione set off to the Great Hall for the End of Year feast where you'll laugh, celebrate and eat all that your heart desires! 

All is well.



You have completed the Winter Magical Readathon! I really hope you enjoyed your journey! See you next time! :)