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As you were about to leave, Professor McGonagall stepped from behind a corner. 

'Ah yes, there you are. Professor Lockhart requested you immediately for your detention. I trust you know your way to his office. Mr Weasley, you are to go with me, I will escort you to the Trophy room where you'll be helping Mr Filtch clean up.'

Ron looked increduliously at Professor McGonagall.'But Professor we haven't had dinner yet!'

Her lips thinned significantly as she raised her eyebrows and calmly retorted 'Well then Mr Weasley, you can either pack your bags, be expelled as Professor Snape has suggested and eat your body's weight just before you leave, or you can serve your detention now and maybe be allowed to continue with your education.' She turned to leave, not checking if Ron is following. ' Or better yet, next year try arriving to School without threatening to expose our kind to the muggle world and neither I or you will have the misfortune of dealing with this at all.' 

Ron grew smaller and smaller with each word, shrugged at you and followed Professor McGonagall looking a bit pathetic. He was patting his stomach apologetically. 

You say goodbye to Hermione, who tried not to wear her "You kind of deserve this" look, thought not very successfully.

Why did it have to be Lockhart though??! Why couldn't you go with Ron, you would much rather suffer Filtch and his grumpiness than Lockhart and his fame talks.


You spend your whole evening trying to tune out his pompous chats and answering his fan mail.

Can't wait to finish up and see if you can still get something to eat.


Your reading prompt!

Read a book that has a

dedication at the start of it.