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Ahhh the smell of books! The only other place that beats this amazing shop is perhaps the Hogwarts library, but apart from that, this is heaven! Rows and rows of dusty, new, worn and shiny books! Some in cages, some zooming about, others mischievously bumping into some first years heads and... giggling? 

You masterfully avoid the latter whilst grabbing some required books listed in your Hogwarts letter for second years and make way towards the till, making a mental note to check out the books that catch your eye on the way.

However there seems to be a commotion at the back of the store, as you approach you start hearing some whispers and you distinctively hear the name "Gilderoy Lockhart" - how could you not recognise it after reading it so many times in your required book list this year! 

A very confident man with a very exaggerated smile steps out from the back room and the gathered people lose their minds! It's actually quite disorienting! They shout and wave, each trying to catch his attention.


Out of the corner of your eye you noticed a familiar shade of blonde hair fleeing up the bookstore stairs. Malfoy. 


Merlin's beard it's 


Queue up to get 

Lockharts autograph!


You follow Malfoy.

He's up to no good.

Roll your eyes and 

proceed to pay -

you have books you

want to check out!