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"The passageway leading to Nearly Headless Nick's party had been lined with candles too, though the effect was far from cheerful: these were long, thin, jet-black tapers, all burning bright blue, castng a dim, ghostly light even over their own living faces. The temperature dropped with every step they took. As Harry shivered and drew his robes tightly around him, he heard what sounded like a thousand fingernails scraping an enormous blackboard."

You quickly gather that any hope you had for dinner is now gone, the tables are packed with the most smelly old rotting dishes you ever did see! When Nick sees you looking at these he explains that even though ghosts can't really taste anything, if you fly over something with a particularly strong scent it's almost as if you can kind of taste it

'Oh no, let's turn back, I really don't want to talk to Moaning Myrtle!' Hermione whispered in a rush.

'Who?' said Ron scanning the room.

A particularly sad looking girls ghost has appeared nearby.

Speaking of sad looking ghosts, Nick seems like he could use some cheering up, he's upset as he received a letter rejecting his application to join the Headless Huntsmen once again.


Speak with 

Moaning Myrtle


Try to cheer up