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As you turn the corner around the comic shop, you spot Lucius Malfoy and feel Mr Weasley tense up. When asked why he doesn't like him so much Mr Weasley says that some people think they are above others or are in a position to judge who is more valuable, and to him, that is one of the most unattractive and untrustworthy qualities in a man. Besides, they've been trying to find illegal artifacts in his manor for ages now, they know they're there, but they can't seem to locate them when it matters! He did tell you all about Draco's room in exchange for you talking him through how muggles matches work ('Rubbing a small stick on a box to start fire??? Exquisite!!'). You reckon knowing some extra details about Draco might come in handy! 

Off to a bit of a rough start but at least you know that Draco, much to Ron's dismay, has a small poster of the The Chudley Cannons just above his bed!

It was a lovely afternoon in London, even if some passerby's did stare at you a bit. It's not like that's any different from normal. You insisted on treating everyone to a nice ice cream until it's time to head back to the Burrow and travel by Floo Powder to Hogwarts! 



You have completed Chapter 2! Enjoy your ride by Hogwarts Express with beautiful views of the wilderness of Scotland until Chapter 3 becomes available! If it's already open, head back to the Winter Magical Readathon home page to continue on!