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Wonderful, you have joined the bookclub! They call themselves the Book Owlery, you kind of missed the first read over the summer but Hermione has lent you her copy of "The legend of the Serpent" and told you it's a story compilation about this Chamber of Secrets that Salazar Slytherin has allegedly built into the dungeons of Hogwarts. She says all this with a very skeptical look on her face. But she admits it's an interesting read! 

The light outside your window starts to dim as you keep moving North, it has started to rain and you've never been more appreciative of the warm and cozy train compartment that is shielding you from the winds and the rain outside. Might as well read a little bit now! 



You have completed Chapter 2! Enjoy your ride by Hogwarts Express with beautiful views of the wilderness of Scotland until Chapter 3 becomes available! If it's already open, head back to the Winter Magical Readathon home page to continue on!