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Your vision turns momentarily greyscale before exploding in vivid colours of magic!

Finally, you are going home.

Even though this platform is much smaller than the station behind you, somehow everything seems louder and busier here! You spot familiar faces until your gaze lands on Hermione's and you get going towards her. Neville has already been looking for his toad Trevor for a while it seems and an oddly dressed blond girl has been turning around on the same spot while her equally blond father.. applauded her?

You keep glancing back but you can't seem to see Ron.

"C'mon, let's get a compartment before they fill in, he will find us later" Hermione urges.

You get a bit panicky once the train starts moving and there's no sign of Ron, but after 5 minutes or so his out of breath head pops in "there you are! I've been looking bloody everywhere for you two!"

After filling Ron in on your summer and Ron suggesting something that appeared crazy until it weirdly started making more and more sense - Dobby is working for the Malfoys? - you buy your friends some chocolate frogs and continue to joke around to the soothing clicking of a steadily moving train.

The terrain outside has changed from urban to hillsides and as you're passing the aqueduct in content silence, what do you want to do next?


Play a game

of wizards chess!


Chat to Hermione

about your summer


(Ron naps)