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It is the morning of September 1st, chilly and crisp, when you eagerly awake in your room at the Leaky Cauldron. A cheerful greeting ("Rise and shine, handsome!") strartles you so much that you jump out of your cozy warm bed into the ridiculously freezing room. It was a talking mirror; on the ceiling of all places! You must have not noticed it last night. Oh well, you're wide awake now, might as well head downstairs for some pumpkin pancakes and orange juice for breakfast.


You head out through the front entrance back to central London leaving plenty of time to spare, after all - you have a heavy suitcase, Hedwig's cage and a real lack of experience of public transport to work with! 

Even so, you find yourself a bit lost at times, and probably mainly by chance you do get off at the stop right in front of the beautiful King's Cross station! With a sigh of relief you head inside, where you spot a familiar bush of curly hair! It's Hermione! 


Ah, you missed her face! After explaining why you haven't written back to her (and telling her all about your weird encounter with a house elf named Dobby) you two make way towards the platform. You have chatted away the minutes and it's actually getting close to departure time. You both look around, a bit unnerved, you had an unspoken understanding that you would wait for Ron here. 

"I think we better go, I am sure Ron will be here any second but I really would rather find us a compartment before they all get full, so, Ron can join us then." she starts moving her trolly towards the brick wall behind which the Hogwarts express waits. 


At this exact moment you hear a quiet crash, and a young girl shout "RON, WATCH IT!". Ron must have tripped over, what you assume is his sisters' luggage, and made a mess. You wave at the Weasleys and move towards them to help, but Mrs Weasley ushers you away "Oh dear, that's quite alright, we got this, move along now while there's no queue to the entrance, we are right behind you!".


After double checking 

they don't need more 

hands, you head over to

Hermione to go



Help the Weasleys 

and wait for Ron