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She doesn't seem to mind, and even looks a bit eager, to share her death story. She does, however get quite comfortable and starts relaying her story in a very dramatic slow pace, so you have to rush her a bit which she does not appreciate. 

At the end, she points to the sink.

'Big yellow eyes. Right there, by the sink.' She exclaims, whooshing down to scare you and add to the dramatics. And then casually leaning back to one of the pillars, crossing her hands 'That's it - that's the last thing I remember.'

The sink. The sink must be the entrance! The monster must have come up through here. But how? Can it change shape to fit through the taps? With that thought you lean down to inspect the taps and notice tiny decorative snakes all around the sink. Slytherin heir...

In Chapter 3, did you discover that you can speak Parseltongue? 




I did!