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Phew! That was hard, but you have a nagging feeling it will not be the hardest thing you have to do today. With somewhat shaking knees you continue on. 

You reach an ornate brass circle door, with 7 snakes interlinked. Without thinking too much, you ask for it to open, imagining the snakes coming to life. Another hiss comes out of you and the door does spring to life, it scratches itself when the snakes slither into their new positions, allowing for the heavy metal door to click and swing slightly open. You lean your whole body's weight into it to push it enough to squeeze through. You're so focused on the task at hand that you only now notice the space you stepped in.

This chamber is enormous. This is The Chamber of Secrets!

There are massive snake fountains, the size of Hagrid's hut, on each side of you, they make a straight path towards the biggest statue of them all, that of Salazar Slytherin, right at the end of it. The place is so echoey that every single step you take on the hard marble floor carries through the chamber and back, making it very hard to be unnoticed. As you carefully walk forward, a little shape catches your eye at the very bottom of the path. A little black soaked robe and... ginger hair. It's Ginny! She doesn't seem to be moving...


Run towards