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It only took about 15 minutes for Mr and Mrs Weasley to come back, and they were so relieved to see both of you standing there. They were so worried when they didn't see you boarding the train! 

You did the right thing, Mr Weasley said. He leads you all to a more isolated part of the station and conjures something that looked like an iridescent, light blue weasel! He murmurs a couple more words and the weasel is off! 

He explained that he sent a message to his colleague at the Ministry to arrange a Floo Network connection for you, explaining the situation. You do however, have a couple of hours to kill until the paperwork is done for that! 

'Oh wonderful, we can go and find some pyjamas for you Ron, your old ones are too short, I swear you grow an inch every night!' Mrs Weasley said. 'Dear, why don't you and Arthur go explore in the meantime, just don't go too far okay?'

Since nobody had any objections, least of all Mr Weasley, who took this as an opportunity to ask you a hundred more questions about various muggle topics, including colour printers and scanners, as you walked past a comic book store.


Your reading prompt!

Read a comic book, manga,

picture book or a 

graphic novel