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The team captains were having a bit of a back and forth, Wood mainly annoyed at his practice being interrupted, Slytherin's captain probably just for the fun of it, and Malfoy wanting to pitch in and have his moment of glory. You reckon he went a bit too far when he replied to Hermione's jab that at least nobody in Gryffindor's team had to buy their way into the team, by calling her mudblood. 

You're not sure exactly what it means, but you can read a room (or in this case - field) and everyone has fell momentarily silent before your team has exploded in shouts, even Malfoys team found it distasteful! You see Ron pulling out his very much broken wand and readying it at Malfoy.



Let him cast it,

Malfoy deserves it!


Stop him, even with a 

good wand, it's a bad