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Why? Why you? Why does Dobby insist on getting you in trouble? 

"A single tear was running down his long, pointed nose.

'Harry Potter came back to school,' he whispered miserably. 'Dobby warned and warned Harry Potter. Ah, sir, why didn't you heed Dobby?'

It turns out it was Dobby's hope to maim you enough to get you out of the School grounds, even if that meant you were in a need of a proper hospital! This elf has his priorities seriously mixed up! But he just kept going and going on about how you need to not be here and how you might be the person that is taken 'this time around' and that you are too valuable to the wizarding future to risk such a thing. 

This time around?

Somehow it's very hard to be angry at someone who looks so pitiful. You try your best to calm Dobby down and see what else he knows about Chamber of Secrets and ask what has happened previously?He doesn't seem to know much after-all but it strikes you, he's standing here even though he doesn't work in Hogwarts.


How is Dobby here? From what you heard Dumbledore has strengthened the security in the castle so much that even the teachers were having difficulty leaving and entering again.

It seems that house elf magic often can overcome any magical barrier, as they're not seen as a threat. It seemed to you like a massive loop-hole! 



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