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You have great difficulty finding a rooster and then charming it to a peaceful sleep so you can actually carry it, you bet you never looked crazier in your life! If there was ever a moment you had no idea if what you're up to was going to work, this is that moment. But desperate times lead to desperate measures. And the times are definitely desperate! 

As you jog back to the castle, you rack your brains for the next part of the plan. Much good will this do if you cannot find Ginny! Hopefully, once you find her, you can grab her and get out with her and the rooster back to safety. But where can she be?

You know that this all happened before. What was it, in the legend that happened? The legend says that there was a death, a young girl has died a horrible death by the very monster that haunts the Chamber of Secrets, and she never truly left the castle.

What if it's quite literal? What if she still haunts the castle?

Moaning Myrtle!


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