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Well, that was terrifying! 

You did learn that Hagrid did not open the Chamber of Secrets the last time, however you are no closer to learning who did than before you had this near-death experience with a bunch of house-sized spiders! Once Hagrid is back from Azkaban, he will have some serious explaining to do! He needs to learn that some of his beloved creatures do not share the love for humans as much as he believed they do! 

It wasn't ALL for nothing, however, you did learn that whomever is attacking the students (and cats, and ghosts!) is mortally terrified of roosters! Why, you do not know, but you'll take any information you can get! 

That's quite enough for today, both you and Ron have to get some rest before tomorrow, so you sneak into the castle and go right to bed, although you hear Ron kicking and turning for the most of the night, poor dude will have some sleepless nights after this! 



You have completed Chapter 4! Make sure to rest in your dorm until Chapter 5 becomes available! If it's already open, head back to the Winter Magical Readathon home page to continue on!