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It is the morning of September 1st, chilly and crisp, you and the Weasleys climb into their Ford Anglia to make your way to Kings Cross station. Surprisingly, it's really spacious, especially for the amount of people in the car (there must be magic involved!). Everybody's cheerful mood has been dampened a bit by the fact that you had to turn around and go back to the Burrow as Ginny, Fred and George kept realising they had forgotten something! 

When you finally reach the platform, everyone was walking at such a brisk pace you might as well have ran! 

You actually spot Hermione standing near the Platform 9 & 3/4 column, she's notices you too, and starts waving enthusiastically for you to hurry up! Just as you go to catch Rons attention, (who's been too busy to notice Hermione as he' been gawking at the muggle clothing) he trips over Ginny's luggage ("RON, WATCH IT!"). Everyone halts momentarily to help pick things up from Ginny's suitcase that's popped open, spilling her belongings all over the concrete floor of King's Cross station (poor Ginny is as red as a beet!) 

You start to lean in to help, but Mrs Weasley ushers you away, "Oh dear, that's quite alright, we got this, move along now while there's no queue to the entrance, we are right behind you!"


After double checking 

they don't need more 

hands, you head over to

Hermione to go



Stay with the 

Weasleys, you wanna 

stick with Ron