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'Yes, sir, of course, sir, anything...' his smile wavers as he starts rubbing his dry hands together in panic,'but I'm afraid that I will not be of much use, sir. Dobby has have been prohibited from saying anything about it sir. Dobby would love to, oh he would, but his masters have told him not to. Dobby knows things, Dobby does, nobody ever notices Dobby cleaning, Dobby hears things. Dobby knows much about the Chamber of Secrets.' Dobby's tennis ball size'd eyes fill up with tears. 'But Dobby cannot do anything about it, sir. Just watch and not be able to help.' He sniffles.

Seizing the moment before it quickly turns into Dobby's punishment sequence, you cut him off and reassure him.

'That's okay Dobby, no worries, I understand. Hypothetically. If you knew where the Chamber of Secrets is, could you take me there without telling me out loud about it?'

Dobby's eyes dart from one side of the floor to another, and you see his ears perk up and him starting to jump up and down, excitedly.

'Yes sir, Dobby could!'

Without a second's notice, Dobby grabs your hand, snaps his fingers with another, you feel a tug in your stomach, as if you are inverting within yourself and everything goes black.


Open your eyes