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You run back to the door you came from, where you asked Dobby to stay, not wanting him to get in the way or worse, get hurt! 

'Dobby, please send for help, I can't survive long, there's a basilisk here! Can you do that and be back soon please?'

Dobby seems flustered as he sees your panicked eyes.

He clicks his fingers and disappears only to reappear a split second alter. A bit too soon...

You look around desperately, sorrow seeping into your bones every second that passes after you realise that nobody else is here with him.

You're just about to ask Dobby why he didn't bring anyone when the elf pushes an old hat into your hands. 

You can feel the metal creaking behind you as the basilisk is pushing its way through, the door holding still, but not for long. 

You let out a little strangled cry and look at what you're holding.


Your reading prompt!

Read a book that has a sword on the cover