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Dumbledore's office is the most extravagant, elegant and mysterious room you've ever stepped your foot in! The brass and gold details shimmer from every corner as you walk towards his desk. The Headmaster must be at the back.

You're too nervous to stay still so you walk towards the left shelves, there's so many magical trinkets there that you can't even begin to imagine the properties and purposes for all of them. A familiar shape on the second top shelf catches your eye, however. It's the sorting hat! A bit less formal looking, more relaxed..bit limp to be honest, but it's the hat alright! You clear your throat to wake it and ask a question that has been bothering you for a while. Can you really be the heir of Slytherin? The hat, in it's usual nature, doesn't give you a straight forward answer, but you do have a semi pleasant chat with it! 

As the hat excuses itself back into a nap, you hear a quiet chirp. How did you miss this beautiful bird?? It does look a bit worst for wear, you approach it carefully and extend your hand. The bird reaches it with its head and gently rubs his beak onto your hand, blinking slowly. You just get a sense that this is one kind hearted, calm creature.


Pet the pheonix! 

Tweet a photo of your favourite 

bird (whatever that may be!) and #ImetFawkes!