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Your confident posture slumps once you enter the castle to a faint whisper of the dreaded creature in the walls. You had nightmares almost every night of hearing this blood thirsty whispering again, as every time you did - someone else has been attacked!

You let out a whimper and run towards the general direction of the voice as it grows louder..louder... and then gone.

Thankfully, you don't seem to be the first at the scene this time, you sneak behind a corner, not wanting to be spotted, and poke out to scan the corridor floor. You feel such relief when you cannot see anybody, maybe the teachers got here in time to defend them! As Professors McGonagall, Snape, Flitwick and Gilderoy are the ones who beat you there. But your heart drops when you notice the grimness in Professor McGinagall's  voice.

"'It has happened'<...>'A student has been taken by the monster. Right into the Chamber itself.'

Professor Flitwick let out a squeal. <...> Snape gripped the back of a chair very hard and said, 'How can you be sure?'

'The heir of Slytherin,' said Professor McGonagall, who was very white, 'left another message. Right underneath the first one. Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber for ever.'

Professor Flitwick burst into tears.

'Who is it?' said Madam Hooch, who had sunk, weak-kneed into a chair.'Which student?'

'Ginny Weasley,' said Professor McGonagall."

What? No that can't be right. Ginny? But you thought she went home with Ron?!

It takes another couple of painful minutes for the information to truly sink in. Ginny has been taken! Ron and Hermione are not here. You MUST help! You're about to enter into their line of view but you hear the teachers speaking about evacuating the students in the morning, how there's nothing else left to do but close Hogwarts and make sure everybody is safe. You can hear the teachers giving up, you hear Lockheart making very poorly timed jabs at how he would have dealt with this situation if he had arrived earlier.mLockheart leaves with a weird little nod as the rest continue to speak in hushed voices. 

'Make sure everybody is safe.'

How can they say that when Ginny is taken? You will have to come up with something, and come up with it fast! 

In Chapter 4, which of the following has happened to you?


I followed the 



I met Fawkes


Dobby sent a 

bludger after me