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Next thing you know you're finishing a late lunch the next day in a very secluded  Great Hall, asking Neville what his plan is.

'Oh I actually almost forgot but I have to help Professor Sprout in the greenhouses with the Mandragoras. Me and a couple other students are volunteering, there's a lot of work in getting the salve that we need to un-petrify the victims.'

You look a bit surprised, you didn't know they asked for help, but you'd be more than willing to lend a hand! However, after you say just that to Neville, he turns all flustered and red.

'Oh...oh offence but it's just selected few...well...just a few who are very good with plants as we can't afford to mess these up.' He seems very uncomfortable with the implication he just made so he adds very quickly 'not that I think you would but we just have to be very careful and Professor said tha..'

You interrupt him with a short laugh, saying you totally

understand and not to sweat it! But it's nice outside so might as well walk him to the greenhouse and see if you can help with some minor way that doesn't interfere with the process! 

The greenhouse seems five times more chaotic when compared to when you saw it last! Mud splatters every table, the Mandrages seemed to have had a little snow fight, minus the snow of course. A couple of students and Pr. Sprout are fussing about and hurriedly adding more earth into the now half empty pots (because that was deemed as the closest thing to snow by them).

In the end you did manage to be a bit helpful, but after an hour of dragging more sacks of earth and cleaning some tables up, you tell Neville that you will see him later and head back to the Castle. 


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