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Welcome to 

chapter 5


Another month has passed and even though you three have tried to uncover the mystery of the heir, you did not learn much else. On one sunny morning during breakfast, Professor Sprout announced that the Mandragoras are almost ready and the victims of the attacks can be healed in less than a fortnight. Naturally, that means they can tell us who the attacker is so it was agreed in the group to just give it a rest and let the teachers sort this out. 

The overall spirit seems to lift quite a bit as another day passes without any attacks. 

There is a little party at the dorm tonight, as a long weekend approaches and many students will be going home for a brief visit, you can't miss a chance for some fun! Ron and Hermione will both go too, but you know that Neville will be staying and you got plans to hang out with him for a couple days, you haven't had a lot of time with him this year! 

What do you do during the little party?


Dance to

Weird Sisters


Play a game of



Sneak in a