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Naturally, after the Chamber of Secrets message has appeared, and Mrs Norris has been petrified, all you three were doing was coming up with theories on who's responsible. Ron jumps to the conclusion that it's 100% Malfoy and has been acting aghast whenever Hermione brings up a point against his suspicions.

During another one of these instances Hermione puffs her chest and admits that she has come up with a way of finding out if Malfoy truly is the heir of Slytherin or not. 

'Go on then!' Ron waves his hands impatiently.

She's explaining all about the Pollyjuice potion, not leaving the part out about how many rules you would break if you go ahead with this plan, but that it would allow you to change your appearance into any Slytherin and infiltrate their common room, hopefully getting Malfoy to boast about being the heir.

'But you said it would take a month? We cannot wait that long, what if someone else gets attacked?'

She blushes and mumbles something about having the potion brewing in secret already for a while, it's almost ready to use if we so wish! 

A bit surprised, yet impressed you mull over the idea.

On one hand, it's something you could do tomorrow and that would hopefully give you all some answers. Plus you've always been curious to see how Malfoy acts around his own friends, and about how the Slytherin Common Room looks. 

On another hand, you feel like there's so many holes in this plan, you'd be breaking so many rules and you have a feeling there's another way to go about this. You don't really think that Malfoy is the heir either way.

Your friends look at you expectedly 


Okay, let's

use the Pollyjuice



No, there must be

another way