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chapter 4


The whole school, including the staff, seem to be a bit shaken up about the writing on the castle's wall. Some even cared about Mrs Norris, although majority were glad of the temporary break from the sneaky little monster. Filtch has been haunting the castle, looking as lively as Moaning Myrtle.


'Enemies of the heir, beware'? What does that mean?'

Most teachers appeared to believe this to be but a tasteless prank, insisting on not wasting time on such silly rumours and refusing to talk about the legend of the Chamber of Secrets *cough cough McGonagall & Snape*

Some students swore they already knew what this is all about, whilst others made plans on when and whom to ask about it! 

But they all had one thing in common - everyone was speaking about it.

Have you already read a little about the Chamber of Secrets? (In Chapter 1, did you selected to join the Book Club with Hermione?)


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