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First class - Herbology!


You're going to the Greenhouse, which you didn't have the chance to visit in 1st year, this one is considerably louder than any of them you've been in before! There's constant rustling and...whispering? There's a couple of rows of, what look like simple plants, but they do seem to shuffle and sway slightly. 

Professor Sprout greets everybody with a broad and eager smile, as well as a pair of super fluffy earmuffs! 

As the class progresses and you learn all about the curious properties of Madragoras, you do start to wonder how is it that Hogwarts allows you to do all these crazy things! As Professor points out, the Mandragora screams will not kill anyone as they're too young, but Neville does faint when they start re-potting them! 

This is so much more fun than the muggle lessons!

A couple weeks have passed with little to note, which is unusual for you. Until one day 3 things lines up at once!

 Hermione pointed out the new sheet on the announcement board back in the Common Room:

'"They're starting a Duelling Club!' said Seamus, 'First meeting tonight!I wouldn't mind duelling lessons, they might come in handy one of these days...'"

You had stumbled upon an angry Filtch on your way to lunch after another Herbology class and he was about to put you in detention because of all the dirty footprints you left. Thankfully Nearly Headless Nick has seen this and encouraged Peeves to cause some havoc as a distraction, not that you think Peeves needed that much encouraging for that, but still. Nick has mentioned he is planning his 500th Deathday Party:

"'I'm holding a party down in one of the roomier dungeons. Friends will be coming from all over the country. It would be such an honour if you would attend. Mr Weasley and Miss Granger would be most welcome too, of course - but I dare say you'd rather go to the school feast?'"

If that's not enough, Wood has been pushing the whole Gryffindor Quidditch team to go for extra practice rounds, he is really determined to win the Quidditch Cup this year! You are already training 3 times per week, but he is now holding some extra non mandatory (Wood said that with such distaste and pain, the whole team thinks Professor McGonagall had to threaten him with extra school work if he forces the team to spend even more hours on the field instead of studying) 

"'Exactly,' said Wood. He was tall and burly sixth-year and, at the moment, his eyes were gleaming with a mad enthusiasm. ' It's part of our new training programme. Come on, grab your broom and let's go,' said Wood heartly. 'None of the other teams have started training yet, we're going to be first off the mark this year...'

Sadly, you don't yet know of a spell that would allow you to split yourself in three (although, it would be very helpful!), so you have to pick what you'll do tonight.


Go to the

Duelling Club



Go to the

Nearly Headless


500th Deathday 



Go to the 

Quidditch Practice