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Welcome to 

chapter 3


Ah, you know you'll grow to despise the sound of the morning bells, but it's so nice to wake up to these compared to Aunt Petunia's banging on the door angrily. You missed Hogwarts so much!

The sun is just starting to peek through the hills, showering your whole dorm in golden light. You sit up in your bed, make some weird screechy noises while's stretching (Hedwig is looking a bit offended).

Classes start today, you and your classmates will get their time tables during breakfast, so there's no reason to delay, plus you can hear your stomach rumbling in protest! 

The Great Hall is already buzzing and the tables are gleaming with all the delicious food! You see Ginny already siting there with 3 extra pumpkin juice goblets for you (she got sorted into Gryffindor last night! Yay!). What do you feel like having?


Warm cinnamon 

and honey 



Buttered toast,

eggs, sausages &



Corn flakes

and a warm

toast with jam


Pumpkin and carrot


Dessert for breakfast!