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You catch him tearing some pages out of a curse book that looks like it truly should be in the Forbidden Section rather than here .

He smirks when he sees you looking at him. 

"All alone again? Don't have your muggle and second hand friends with you?" 

You'd answer but you think it's pretty sad for someone who has Crabb and Goyle as "friends" to even make a comment about yours. Before you have a chance to change the subject and ask as to why he's ripping pages out of the books here, Malfoy's father comes over and whispers something in his ear, handing over a mysterious, incredibly old looking journal. 

You hear Malfoy muttering "okay, okay!" as his father nudges him with his walking stick while walking away to say a few words to the shop owner. Or give a few "donations", more like. Malfoy grabs a couple random books to add to the journal as if to conceal it, his mood souring. 

"Out of the way" Malfoy pushes past you with some added force, you're not one to move out his way easily so he stumbles. 

In his stead you notice that he actually dropped the journal. Now you could give it back to him... but let's be honest, you're sure he can get a newer one. 

You reach for it.


Your reading prompt!

Read one of the oldest looking books in your possession (it could be a worn in version of a relatively new book, book bought second hand or simply a book you had for a while!)