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Nope nope nope.

As much as you want to find out more and help, there's no way in hell that you will follow the spiders. No thank you, sir.

You're almost back at the castle when...


Someone, no something, crashes into your side with such force that it sends you flying to the side! You take your wand, trying to point it at whatever this was but it takes another blow to your shoulder to realise it's a bludger?? What is it doing here outside the Quodditch field? And WHY is it trying to kill you? 

You dance around between the mossy pillars trying to avoid it as it zooms left and right trying to hit you again and again, if you haven't broken a rib yet you'll be lucky! 

You need to do something before you get knocked unconscious! 


Cast Protego!


Cast Reducto!