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It's the start of Christmas break!

The Great Hall changes the enchanted ceiling to now occasionally float tiny snowflakes down onto the shoulders of the remaining students. A lot of your peers decided to go home for the holiday but you, Ron and Hermione are spending it right here, at Hogwarts. 

There are maybe a dozen stunning Christmas trees, with little charmed reindeer zooming around the branches, the silver suits of armour spontaneously erupt into a cheerful Christmas songs when someone passes them, and the mountain tops outside often blend into the calm white of the sky. 

With everything going on, it's so nice to have the castle a bit quieter and relax for a couple of days. Not to mention, the food is as amazing as ever, maybe even a tad more delicious as some festive dishes were added to the menu just yesterday! 


Hey witches & wizards! 

Hope you are enjoying the readathon so far, and are having a magical December! 


I'd love to treat one of you to a little magical gift! Since it's winter time (at least at Hogwarts), I'd love for you to be cozier and feel a bit extra magical on the daily basis so I thought it would be a fun idea to host a little giveaway with the prize of an authentic scarf in the colours of your Hogwarts House! This would be purchased from the London Studio Tour shop, they ship to 50 countries but just in case, you can check if it includes yours by clicking here

All you need to do to enter is to tweet @MagicalReadthn using a hashtag #wintermagicalreadathongiveaway and tell us in your tweet which 2 characters from the whole series you'd like to spend your holidays (whoever they might be!) with?

I will announce the randomly selected winner in January and contact them via DMs on Twitter to get their shipping address! :) The entries are valid until the end of December.

Have a cozy holiday season! I hope you know how magical you are!

Love, G


Let's continue!