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'Well well, if it isn't the famous saviour. I'm really lucky to meet you. Hope you didn't go through too much trouble finding us here, we were just having a little catch up with Miss Weasley, although she seemed to have gotten a bit too weak to carry a conversation so about time you showed up. I was beginning to get bored.' An ice cold voice greets you and you jump to turn around away from Ginny on whom you were checking (her pulse is so so weak, but it's there). A handsome boy of around 16 is standing near the left, neither a ghost nor truly alive either. Something close to a memory. It's voice and tone not matching the young boy standing in front of you.

'How rude of me. I'm...' he flinches for a second as if from distaste . 'Tom Marvollo Riddle. But you may know me by a different name of course.'

He takes his wand and traces his name in front of you, with a swish of his wand the letter find new places and it spell's out...I am Lord Voldemort.


Well, that's just brilliant...Truly brilliant. 

Your mind works a mile per hour trying to find a way to get out of this situation. The only advantage you see is that he doesn't seem to be fully himself and that you still have your wand. But no matter what you think about it all just ends up with you dying here with Ginny. And there's no way you're leaving her behind. 

'Let's see you dance. I hope you're not too tired. Wouldn't be as fun to watch.'

And he turns towards the central statue, reaches his wantless hand towards it and says 'Open. Kill them. Serve the rightful heir of Slytherin' 

To your complete shock, the statue in front of you moves, it's mouth opening only to allow entrance to an enormous snake. Alive one.

It's a basilisk.