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Nothing quite as relaxing as sitting on the Hogwarts Express, knowing you're headed to your favourite place in the world, with two of your favourite people in the world. Top that with some fun Wizards Chess (Ron is beating your ass, but you did get him a couple of times!) and it's a positively the best day you have had in a couple of months! 

The light outside has started to dim, lighting the magical flying orbs around compartments to provide a very cozy dim light for the passengers. Just as you emerge from behind a particularly large hill, a couple of rain drops fall on the window that you're now pressing your nose to. You know Hogwarts is just a turn away and you cannot wait to finally be home.



You have completed Chapter 2! Enjoy your ride by Hogwarts Express with beautiful views of the wilderness of Scotland until Chapter 3 becomes available! If it's already open, head back to the Winter Magical Readathon home page to continue on!