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Mrs Weasley interferes right before you start explaining basketball (good, because you're not really an expert!) only because Mr Weasley got so excited, he started to shake a little, like a kid after eating one too many candies.

It's gotten dark outside and Mrs Weasley has shown you to a cozy spot near the living room/kitchen fireplace. Ginny poked her head in but quickly ran back upstairs after realising you were sat right there! Her cat followed her, pouncing at the pompoms on Ginnys slippers. Percy, Ron and the twins were discussing the latest developments in the Quidditch League whilst Mr Weasley was reading what seemed to be tomorrow's issue of the Daily Prophet (he must have gotten it early at work!).

This was the life. Ultimate coziness. 

You can't help but smile whilst you look around, sipping your hot chocolate. 



You have completed Chapter 1! Enjoy your stay at the Leaky Cauldron until Chapter 2 becomes available, and if you're still keen on the adventure we will see you once Chapter 2 opens! If it's already open, head back to the Winter Magical Readathon home page to continue!